Compared with the stock design, our design is single piping all the way for max weight reduction. We have also focused on the design of the muffler to produce the best exhaust sound without compromising performance.
The pipe diameter was chosen for optimum exhaust flow efficiency. For performance use in mind and weigh reduction. Thus the slide joints was made instead of using the conventional flange and gasket design.
Designed For True Performance Use.
  * Lightweight (For total balance)
* Optimum Exhaust Flow (To extract the engines full potential. Will benefit greatly with additonal tuning.)
 Other brands of Titanium Muffler
C : Main Silencer/ Tail End
We had chosen to go with the single piping layout to help reduce weight even more. Cosmetic appeal was left as a lower priority.
D : Main Pipe
Designed for sports use only, these mufflers retain the stock mounting positions. The larger pipe diameter is used for optimized exhaust gas flow efficiency to suit each application.
E : Sub Silencer
Since we know that it will not only be used for motorsports use. The Sub Silencer is used to help reduce exhaust noise. Some models will have a smaller internal diameter for this reason.
× The only demerit is related to sports driving.
  *Heavy ・Poor Exhaust Flow Efficiency
 Stock Muffler
F : Tail End
The twin tip pipe layout is adopted for that high-class impression, so the image is the priority.
G : Main Silencer
The main purpose is for noise reduction and to also meet the emission gas standards.
So with these design points, the system is then heavy and the performance efficiency is lost.
H : Main Pipe
The torque and sound quality is affected with this section. The piping has to be designed well so as not to cause any thermal damaged to the surrounding area.
I : Sub Silencer
The pre-muffler assists the main muffler with noise control at certain RPM's.
× The only demerit is related to sports driving.
  ・Heavy ・Poor Exhaust Flow Efficiency

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