EXPREME products pricing is within everyone's reach.
The price of the new EXPREME product range was set within everyone's reach, so that everyone can enjoy modifying their exhaust systems without blowing their budgets.
We wanted both young enthusiasts to be able to equally enjoy modifying their cars and not only limit our products to the enthusiasts with ample budgets. Now motorists of all ages and types can now enjoy upgrading their exhaust systems and enjoy the benefits of having a great sounding performance car that sounds like a race car, adding that extra killer look in you engine bay and of course giving you a new feeling of better response and more power.
From all of these objectives we were able to set the products at this cheap price.
In addition, we were able to reduce the ECU package price.

 Price example
 *VQ35 EXHAUST MANIFOLD (Headers) 95,000 Yen

When tax is included the end price is 100,000 Yen for the Z33.
Nissan Z33 owners generally enjoy upgrading their cars with bigger 20 inch wheels and body kits but by upgrading you exhaust with our EXPREME system you can also now enjoy the real pleasure of the NA race engine sound and feel of improved response.
Before you go and upgrade your wheels and body kit(s) please consider this best value for money performance upgrade of our EXPREME exhaust manifold system.


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