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The EXPREME product range is designed for the customer in mind and ease of installation. . To be a complete package we have provided all accessories for ease of installation. We want to save you the time and hassles of finding all the gaskets, bolts that is required to suit your application. So the kits come ready to go.

General Accessories
*Required Gaskets
*Required Nuts & Bolts
*Thermal Bandage
*Thermal Bandage Clips
*EXPREME Sticker
*Installation Manual

Complete with the required bolts and paste that is needed for installation.
Our kits come with a special paste included to add to the bolts during installation. This special paste helps with preventing the washer and bolt from burns and from the extreme heat making they stick together over time. When the time comes when you have to remove the exhaust part it will be possible with ease. Unlike other lubricating pastes ours won't dissipate from heat and will remain effective until you need to remove the part. This also helps prevent the bolts from breaking when you need to remove the part.

Our EXPREME product range has been designed for performance whilst conforming to the exhaust emission standards in Japan making it street legal. Included is a certificate that proves that our product meets Japans emission standards. We have also designed our product to be able to be used in conjunction with the factory heat shields even with the use of the thermal bandages which are included in the kit. We have even taken into consideration the effects of extra exhaust heat that may affect the air intake temperature.

We have included an installation manual for both shops and general customers to read through. Our policy is to give the best service that we possibly can to help in anyway shops to increase potential sales and supplying quality products that the end user can be proud of having on their car. So even small shops can benefit with a good growth in sales with our quality and ease of use products.

*Installation Manual
*Web Site HTML Version
*Printable PDF format

At TOMEI our policy is to have all orders dispatched by 15:00pm and the freight is free for domestic orders within Japan for any EXPREME products. We are more than happy to promptly answer any requests you may have in regards to our products and it applications.

The thermal bandages are included with each exhaust kit.

Can withstand extreme temperatures of up to 1100°C, with excellent heat dissipation that can cut 90% or more of heat. Help extract every bit of power from your engine.

Our EXPREME products are compatible for use with either the factory ECU or aftermarket ECU. We have performed extensive in house testing with both the factory ECU and with an aftermarket ECU that has been tuned for maximum performance with multiple exhaust emissions data collected and analyzed.

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