When upgrading to the Technical Trax LSD there is a large significant difference that you have to experience.
Please practice using this LSD in a safe environment to get accustomed to it.
LSD units tend to have a chattering sound when it operates. This is completely normal and doesn't mean that there is a problem. Technical Trax LSD units are vehicle specific and should only be used for the model specified. The kit comes with 2 liters of "TOMEI hypoid gear LSD oil" in the kit (GL-5 80W-90) and must be used with the Tomei Technical Trax LSD unit. When using another brand or grade oil you may experience a louder chattering sound from the LSD unit and can increase wearing thus reducing the life span of the LSD unit. Oils with higher viscosity and higher pressure type lubricants may increase the chance for the LSD chattering noise to increase. If you want to stop the chattering noise after using aftermarket oil you can try these methods 1: to completely change the oil to the Tomei Technical Trax oil after flushing it completely. 2: If the noise is still present you will have to dismantle the LSD unit and wash & clean each surface area of all internals before reassembling the unit and applying the Tomei Technical Trax Oil. Once the LSD unit is reassembled it is required to reset the initial torque for the LSD unit. After about 5 kilometers of running the unit in you will need to adjust the unit’s settings. The value of the initial torques setting can vary after the testing has ended as it depends on upon the vehicles condition of traveling and the type of oil used. If necessary you may need to re-adjust.

Part No.TC104A-01 (Previous P/N LSD025606)
Grade : GL-5 80W-90
Note : 2 Liters / Reduces diff noise and maintains durability..
MSRP $49.00

Oversized Friction Discs (+0.1) change the initial torque settings.
Changing only the 1 side
0.1mm Increase
0.5〜1.0kg・m Increase
Both sides each exchange
0.2mm Increase
1.0〜2.0kg・m Increase
※ If the current discs have been worn in (the new parts) you won't be able to install more than 3 plates.